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One of the basic building blocks of our congregation’s Ministry of Caring is the administration of the Good Samaritan Fund. In the word of God, the Good Samaritan was the one who picked up a beaten person along the side of the road and helped him to heal and become whole again. The same principal is evident at St. John Lutheran Church. We love each other and wherever possible care for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of God’s people.

Awesome Organs!!!

This is a new ministry that has begun this past year through the direction of the Director of Caring Ministries. If a member or a community member has a special need, they bring it to the Director of Caring ministries (Tony Shelton) or the Pastor. There needs will be listened to and they will do all they can in Jesus name to help the person in need.  The special funds needed to help in this ministry comes from individuals and groups in the congregation that contribute on a regular basis. One half of the money made in Script sales each month goes to the “Good Samaritan Fund.”


St. John also invites folk to consider a view of stewardship that incorporates the whole person, not just a portion.  Click on the below link to learn more:

Whole Life Stewardship

In the almost two years since the Good Samaritan Fund was begun, it has helped many people with gas cards, food cards, rent, utilities, etc.  God is good and God’s people care for those with the basic needs of life.  Thanks be to God!

  1. Hi im kathy and i am a single mother with two children and one on the way. My grabdmother told me about the good smartian fund where ot helps people in need. I am currently behind for the month of september due to being laid off from my 9 year job. I currenty started my new job last monday and my landlord said if im able to pay at least half the total for last month and thisvmonth then she will be able to take payments monthly till its paid in full. My utilities are included in my rent and i have my lease and a notice from my landlord.

  2. This doesn’t appear to fit in our guidelines because of our limited resources. However if you would like to call our Care Minister, Tony Shelton at 260-426-5751 he would be happy to talk to you about where you might be able to get some help.

  3. Hello. I was told maybe you could help me with a problem. I am the P.O.A. for a mentally handicapped person. He is a wonderful person. Very nice and caring. He was being abused and his parents were stealing what little money he gets. He now lives in a safe environment. he doesn’t have the money for monthly bus fare because his money goes towards food and bills. I was told perhaps your organization would help with this. Thank you for your time.

    Beth in care of Adam

  4. Beth, although this is something we typically don’t do, you can contact our Care Minister at 260-426-5751 to give him a little more detail to see if it might be something that can fit under an exception. The best advice would be to contact Broadway Christian’s In As Much Ministries for this type of need. They are funded by over 31 congregations in the Fort Wayne area to provide this type of help. They can be reached at 260-423-2347.

    Parish Secretary

  5. I’m from Nashville Tennessee me and my dog are stranded down here we’re at the Ocala exit Petro truck stop and I was told to tell my be able to help us out with the room been a couple days without a shower can I please get a response thank you

  6. Matt…sorry we are not able to help with your request as we have limited funds available.

    God’s blessings to you.

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