Wellspring Kids Dinners

Wellspring and Icy

Komet’s mascot Icy shows the kids at the Wellspring Dinner his moves

St. John Lutheran Church has a history and a very active outreach to the children of Wellspring Ministries, an interfaith social services  organization located on Broadway. Once a month, usually the third Tuesday from september through May, 25 to 40 plus children participate in activities sponsored by our congregation. Most of these children live within a two mile raduis of our church. A great number of the children come from single parent homes, families struggling financially or in some other way. They love to come to St John Lutheran Church and we love having them here. They bring with them excitement, kindness, respect and a true appreciation for all we offer.At each outreach event, a nutricious meal is served and an activity follows such as, craft projects, games or special guests.

In March the children were visited by “Johnny” the mascot of the Fort Wayne Tin Caps. This is the first visit fot “Johnny” and the kids really enjoyed meeting him. He took time to his picture taken with nost of the kids.

The Kids always look forward to our last meeting of the school year in May because this is when we have our cookout. Hamburgers and  hot dogs on the grill along with lots of other goodies.

Our goal for this outreach is to show these wonderful children the love of Jesus. Each meal is opened in prayer, and there are opportunities for Christian witness. We hope and pray that each child feels loved, cherished and wanted.

These children are a joy to be with. Come and join us with the Wellspring Kids Dinners.

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