This is one way EVERYONE can be involved!

Use our SCRIP program for all of your shopping. How does it work? It’s as simple as buying and using gift cards. Who goes to the grocery store? The gas station? Big box stores? Restaurants? We all do. And our SCRIP program has a wide of variety of gift cards in stock for you with hundreds more available to order.

Here’s how it works – you know this week you’re going to go grocery shopping, get gas for your car, and eat out with friends on Friday night. In addition, you usually stop at a coffee shop a couple of times a week and it’s about time for an oil change. Stop by the SCRIP table and buy a gift card for wherever you shop for groceries in the amount that you think you’re going to spend, pick up a gas card or two, and pick up cards for that popular restaurant you’re going to on Friday night.

Then pick up a coffee card and a card for an oil change service. Fill out an order form, pay for and pick up your gift cards, and use them like cash at all the places you shop. It’s that easy! How have you helped? For every card you purchase, the Music & Worship Team makes a percentage.

From 1% to as much as 50%! So when you spend $100, St. John makes anywhere from $1 to $50 to support the music and worship life of the church. In addition, the Music & Worship Team gives 50% of the profit back to St. John for other ministries as well. In 2011, we gave $875 to the Good Samaritan Fund and $425 to the Wednesday Night Dinners. In 2012, we’ll be giving 50% of the profits to help with our debt reduction plan for the boiler.  All made possible by your participation in our SCRIP program.

We’d love to give away double or even triple that amount this year. Stop by the SCRIP table on Sunday morning or the church office during office hours. Buy your SCRIP today!

Click Here for a SCRIP Form and you can mail it along with your check to the church and we will let you know how and when to pick it up!

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