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Remember that gifts assessment you took? Here you may browse or search through them to find someone who may have similar likes to your own.

What do you have that’s useful?What are you good at doing?What do you like to do?What is something no one in the church knows you care about?What do you have a lot of?Whom do you know well in our community?What’s “so crazy it just might work?”What ways are you currently doing “our Father’s business” of resurrection in the wider community? (e.g., work, neighborhood, family, hobbies, etc.) What ways are you currently doing “our Father’s business” of resurrection here at St. John? You may check items below or add items here.Some of the Ministries at St John. Check those you may participate in.Name
Time, resourcefulnessteaching, fixing things, and sleepingSee aboveI like to play poolenergyFamous? No one offhand.hmmmmm. No fast answer for this oneAssisting friends and strangers when I can.
Community choirs that sing at nursing homes and prisons.
United Way donations.
Public radio donations.
Smile and say hi to everyone possible.
Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Bach & Sons, Debt Retirement Fund, Good Samaritan Fund, Sanctuary Choir, SCRIP, The Joy of ChristmasPeter Newcomb
a spare car that needs some repairswriting, being with people in a genuine way, teachingracquetball, squash, pickleball, basketball, reading, watching movieslistening to the Phil Vischer and the Daily Audio Bible podcastskids' clothingother pastors, a few police officersVisiting our West Central neighbors and asking, "How can I/we pray for you?"Trying to be the loving husband and dad God has called me to be
Volunteering with Real Men Read
Secretary-Elect on Weisser Park Elementary / Whitney Young PTA
Preaching, worship leadership, administering the sacraments
praying for our Beloved Disciples Making Disciples
supporting community development on Wednesday evenings
Adult Forum, Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Brown Bag B.S., Catechism Classes, Council, Good Samaritan Fund, Hymn Sings, Meet Me At the Manger, Newsletter, Prayer Chain, Staff, Staff RetreatPaul Offhaus
MeHelpingBe and work outsideTimeDavid Heyn
TimeOrganizing/DesigningCreate ThingsAnimalsClothesStore Managersvisiting and learningJanii Heyn
Unused ClothingFishing, light outdoor work, building thingsOutdoor sports - working outdoorsfamilyStore ManagersBig Brothers, Big SIstersL L Bible campBrown Bag B.S.Jack Florent
Financial background, Excess items at home - to donate to garage saleFinancial thingsFinancial thingsWednesday Night Dinners on occasion
Noisy Offerings/Special Offerings
Audit Committee
Personnel Committe
Council/Executive board/Finance board
Lent BS
Advent B.S., StaffLois Hoelle
Hair supplies, tools, and productsHair, makeup, skin care, nails, being with children, multitaskingHair, makeup, listening to music, spend time with family and my boyfriendImmigration and equalitymakeup hair products, earrings, shoes, clothes, familyHair stylistsOpening my own salonHelping watch kids
Making people feel good about themselves
Giving gifts
Events through college
Kids night (sometimes)Yara Harless
Mecookingsing and cookwhat people think of me and my actionsclothesmy family (birth, adopt, U.O.U)I'm not sureWorking with kids and helping them whenever I canKid's night
Brewing Theory on Tap - Babysitting when needed
Jalisa Daniels
Big heart - to help otherslistening to othersExercisework - office manager/admin
spending time w/family and friends
women's circle, WELCAAdvent B.S., Applebee’s, Debt Retirement Fund, Financial Peace University, Flower Chart, Thrivent MatchLisa Koppelman
Smarts and friendsrunning meetingsgetting things doneinvolved in numerous groups andcommittees
listen to congregational members
Holy Huddle
Applebee’s, Brown Bag B.S., Council, Debt Retirement Fund, Property Team, SCRIP, Thrivent MatchGreg Koppelmann
people, teaching, music, life coachingmusic ministrylead in worship, inspire, motivate, encourageadhd - prison ministry/skills coachingenergy to encourage other to see their gifts and to use themOrganist! LOL Ann Arnold, Callenders/Evans/Tonycreating a non-profit adhd services to communityvolunteer and parenting classes
lead in worship - BSF
nurture - family
coaching group - volunteer - for Christian women to discern God's will in their lives
Music ministry - vocal
keyboard as needed
women's ministry - retreat presenter
Stephen MinistryCheryl Gigler
Being a grandma. Teaching volleyball and encouraging studentsAssist my husband in all his ventures. Basketball, self defense, work, home repairsFamily love!Lisa Sherrod @CLHS (Special ed) Director of the study centerBring children back by starting a school again!Taking care of my granddaughter
Taking care of my father-in-law
Encouraging my daughter to follow and love God
Sometimes Wednesday night dinners
Altar Guild
Communion assistant
Washington Elementary tutor
Jodi Inge
a cottage, teaching/caringcooking, gardening - flowersvisit older people, care for children, teachtravel, gardeningFamily and church familyencourage family members to go to church (any)
inviting friends and neighbors to lake
Judge Fran Gull
homebound communion
Applebee’s, Bach & Sons, Brown Bag B.S., Handbells, Hymn Sings, Prayer Chain, Stephen Ministry, Super SeniorsJan Rodewild
hand workread, computerpatienceApplebee’s, Debt Retirement Fund, Good Samaritan FundWade
A little knowledgesewingreadDebt Retirement Fund, QuiltersPauline Prentice
baking, cleaning, helpingreading, flowerswork including volunteer at work
Altar Guild
Advent B.S., Altar Guild, Applebee’s, Debt Retirement Fund, Flower Chart, SCRIP, Thrivent MatchSue Kienzle
organizing, time & budgeting money and bargain shoppingread and watch moviews, shop, helping young kidslike to be a foster parentbooksSt John's having a school back (voucher program would help community)work at welfare agency
room parent at Holy Cross
driver for Holy Cross basketball tournaments
donate to food for the poor and rescue mission
Kids Night
Cathechism class
give gifts for Wellsprings x-mas
Worship Volunteer
Cheryl Kienzle
Geneology Researchtimeallhave been cooking at the Wednesday Night meals every 5th Wednesday, can't do it any longer, have been doing it since the beginning
Dept Retirement Fund - Applebees
Hymn Sings
Prayer Chain
Prayer Shawl
Newsletter articles for monthly newsletters
Flower chart
Purchase Scrip
Applebee’s, Cemetery, Debt Retirement Fund, Flower Chart, Hymn Sings, Newsletter, Prayer Shawl, SCRIPDonna Weber
STUFF - lots of itshopping, encouragingsing, shopSeminary Support, Beds 4 Kids, Wellspring Foodbankhousehold goods, clothes? SJ > Jan Rodewald; Outside > Dee Kelley, GideonsTutor the SAFE kids, Start a "bank" like a food bank but for paper products, soap not included in food stamps; Team up with other churches/organizations i.e. Boradway Christian/Wellspring for dinnersWellspring Food Bank
Mustard Seed "Beds 4 Kids" program
Seminary Support
Dept Retirement fund
St John Seniors
Bible Studies
Adult Forum, Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Brown Bag B.S., Council, Debt Retirement Fund, Good Samaritan Fund, Hymn Sings, Prayer Chain, Sunday School, Super Seniors, Thrivent MatchAnn Arnold
kitchen equipment, sewing equipmentquiltingreadenvironmenttime, fabric, music, booksvolunteering @ LLV & ACPLSuper Seniors
Applebee’s, Bach & Sons, Flower Chart, Hymn Sings, Prayer Shawl, Quilters, SCRIP, Super SeniorsMartha Lawler
a positive additudeexercisehelping others, adopt healthy waysjoy and energyJeff Krulla St John walking groupprovide accessible records describing all types of library materials
still nurturing my children to love the love & achieve independence
monetary support in several organizations in the US and abroad
Sunday Schoo
Women's Bible Study
Debt Retirement Fund
Bev Murphy
craftsreadwork at the hospital - get to help others - Lisa
work @ coronor's office - help others with grief - Mike
Family - try to set good example for our children and their friends
WAM Team
Worship Volunteers
Delegates to LSS
Mike & Lisa Burris
WEllspringAltar Guild, Cemetery, Property TeamMike McLaughlin
drawing, poems, reading, mathreadingBeary, my stuffed bear.stuffed animals, loveThe pastor, Adrian, Anyaputting two cups together with a stringLove
Helping others
Reading about God
Helping Wellspring
Doing Sunday School
Helping catechism classes
Listening to Bach & Sons
Bach & Sons, Sunday SchoolHannah Offhaus
adult and children's clothes; toysplanning, organizing, "getting it done"working with kids, organizing / planning eventsMaking sure our youth understand the importance of and patienceNon-profits locally, Renaissance YMCA staffputting two cups together with a stringUnity Performing Arts -- Mentoring Youth
Horizon School -- manage library for elementary students
Taking in individuals to our home
Starting to help with a troubled youth organization start-up
Kids Night
Assist in worship
SIT Team
Volunteer with various items as asked
Windy Cobb
good arms and legs"grunt" workspend time with my kids; good moviespreserving the earth / animalsoverflow of kids' toysno onedon't knowschout leader
two kids ___ parent
youth group--sometimes
property team--my husband and son
church decorations
catechism classes--my son
Jose and Wendy Arzate
a lot of metal that could be cashed in; a lot of stuff I don't want; an old bicycle that needs fixed upknitting, crafts, children, animals, praying, evangelism type stuffevangelism type stuffabusethe dental peopledon't knowI try to be a strong witness to patients and co-workers at my job
Matthew 25
WellspringAdvent B.S., Applebee’s, Handbells, Prayer ChainDiane Gebfert
time, mindkitchen clean up, writing, organizing, cookingreadhistorytimeWed. morning prayer groupdon't knowhelping children
Wed. morning prayer group
Adult ForumJoe Nolte
good teacherlistening and learningread, watch TV, English hand-smocking, sewing, be with family and petsI taught religious ed for more than 30 years--was a certified catechist in FW/South Bend Dioscesedown time: surgery ahead, 4 1/2-5 1/2 mos recoveryJan Rodewald, Tony Sheltondon't knownot yet: hope to tutor GED students
care for granddaughter every day after school
PT to avoid another rotator cuff repair, I hope. self-care
regaining my health takes much of my efforts
WAM (Worship and Music) Team
Adult Forum, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Prayer Chain, SCRIP, Thrivent MatchMary Ellen Nolte
tools, computer, camera, timebrainstorming, organizing, facilitatingcooking, planning, art stuff, travel, natureyouth program, professionalism of worship, natureart supplies?creating a 'coalition' of downtown churches to work together on issues concerning the West Central neighborhoodWomen's group focused on education for womenWomen's Bible Study
Assisting Minister
Support for communion assistant or counter
Women's retreat leader
Julie Walda
computer skills, accountingmake a difference--have a positive impactyouth (that's going to change soon)Other Lutherans in Ft. WayneBach Collegium Board
Thriven Chapter Board
Talk to folks on Wed nights
Broadway BuildingProperty TeamChris Walda
organize, translate, communicatesome know, but Habitat for HumanityOther Lutherans in Ft. WayneCLHS Board of Directors
Gifts to Heifer International
Finance Team
Longterm Plan
Assisting Minister
Worship Volunteers
Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Church Decoration, Debt Retirement Fund, Financial Peace University, SCRIP, Thrivent MatchSteve Rieck
timereadOther Lutherans in Ft. WayneWed night mealsAltar Guild, Staff, Staff RetreatLois Sharp
some woodworking and gardening toolsgardening, pretty good cook, pretty good at teaching, excellent typos and organizergardening, bird watching, watching old moviesmy family, friends, people I work with, neighborsWork as paralegal for bankruptcy trustee
look after my sister who has MANY problems
Girl Scout Leader
Sunday School Teacher
Helping with Wellspring
Helping with occasional events -- IHN, Wed dinners, garage sale, caroling to homebound at Christmas
Flower Chart
Altar Guild, Brown Bag B.S., Good Samaritan Fund, Handbells, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Meet Me At the Manger, Sunday School, Thrivent MatchCindy Witters
work at cemetery, visit shut inswork at cemeteryWork in cemetery
Neighborhood Association
Visit shut-ins
Wed morning prayer group
Debt Retirement Fund, Stephen MinistryMel Lawler
timequilttimeWed evening dinner
Brewing Theory On Tap, Cemetery, Debt Retirement Fund, Flower Chart, Interfaith Hospitality Network, QuiltersCarol McLaughlin
old washer and dryercoaching basketballself defenseyoung peoplea school at St. JohnPolice Work
Self Defense Classes
Wed evening mealsCleveland Inge
Teacher at Indiana Tech
Board of Directors--Johnny Appleseed Festival (for 40 years - founding member)
Board of Directors--Garrett Museum of Art
Founding Member of Auburn Palettes
Worship Volunteers
Church Decoration, CouncilJohn Platt
Help when I can (?), my selfwhen I can?people?timegoing to church
sewing quilts for church
food pantry
food pantry
Mary Martha Circle
Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Debt Retirement Fund, Good Samaritan Fund, Quilters, Super SeniorsKatherine ("Kati") Donahue
friendlinessmeeting people, cookingreadstuffa Day Care Center in one of the Broadway Houses; a place where homeless can shower and do laundryWednesday evening meals
Donating to the food bank
Sharing the Joy (STJ)
Nursery when needed
Funeral dinners
Adult Forum, Advent B.S., Brown Bag B.S., Flower Chart, Hymn Sings, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Prayer Chain, SCRIPBarbara Callender
extra kitchen items / baby stufftaking care of people (normal and medically)readmilitary and our countryextra kitchen items / baby stuff / coatsmany doctorsworking at Parkview Health
volunteering at daughter's school
I'm not at this time 🙁Jessica Branch
clothingtechnology, cooking / baking, working with childrensewing, building / assembling thingsdesire to help those in need in the communityeducating children
volunteering at an animal shelter
serving / encouraging family and friends
Lori Christner
basic car repair, wood workingyard workKyle Paul
clothes, videotapescookreadbooksLuz Marks
drawingwrite songs and do artmy fatherWednesday evening mealsThomas Hevel
landscapinggardening, runseniorshealthcare professionalssponsoring a raceI work with the senior community and their families
I encourage others to live a healthier life
Serving / assisting on Wed night dinners
Congregational Council
Greg Hevel
cleaningtell people how wonderful Jesus is by giving them books in which Jesus tells themtimeJan Rodewald, Phyllis Bauerle, Diane Gebfert, Jamie RobbinsDistributing the book, "Forty Days with Jesus."Adult Forum, Applebee’s, Stephen MinistryCarolyn Richardson
a car, some garden tools, items to use in cooking and bakingtalking to people, bakingmeeting new peopleAssociated Churches Food Bank, visiting Nurse and Hospicetime during the dayorganized labor leaders, politicians (both sides)asking inactive members to rejoin usPosting flyers of community events on church bulletin board
talking about services and Wed evening dinners to people who don't attend
volunteering in labor events / projects
Washington Elementary
Lent B.S.
Sharing the Joy
Adult Forum, Advent B.S., Applebee’s, Bach & Sons, Brewing Theory On Tap, Cemetery, Council, Debt Retirement Fund, Property Team, Sanctuary Choir, SCRIPJane Gresham
computer for researchsinging, cooking, caring for children/adultssing, garden, caring for animals and people, cookingpeople in the medical communitycaring for my granddaughter and teaching her to be a good Christian person
Singing concerts of religious music in FW area
rescue and care for abandoned animals
retired RN--use those skills as needed
Sanctuary Choir
Joy of Christmas
Volunteer by bringing food for meals
Writing / singing for Easter Cantata
Sanctuary ChoirMarsha Roth
prayer, concern for othersfuneral dinners, prayer chain, promoting love and concern for otherscontact and care for others, encourage others who are stressed or in poor health by being their friendfaith and concern for others, encouragementcare for neighbors
Council and encourage those in need
funeral dinnersHandbells, Prayer Chain, Sunday SchoolPhyllis Bauerle
administration, teaching, prophecy, basic home repairwebsite, photographyvideo, teaching, learninggenealogytools, booksbusinesses, community government leaders, attractionsturn our Broadway properties into an art & culture, craft school to teach and enrichWellspring Board
Three Rivers Fest Board
Nonprofits--work and assist
Teach Junior Achievement (JA) in schools
Donate to United Way
Adult Forum
SIT Team
Mens' Prayer / B.S. Breakfast
Property Upkeep and Repair
worship volunteers
Adult Forum, Cemetery, Debt Retirement Fund, Handbells, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Prayer Chain, Property Team, SCRIP, Sunday School, Thrivent MatchDennis Robinson
musical abilities, organizational skillsdetails, implementationread, sing, garden, crafts / sewingfigure skatingfaithretired teachers, librariansskills exchangeUnited Way
Arts United
Help where needed on an ad-hoc basis
Financial Secretary
Worship and Music Team (WAM) / choose hymns
WELCA and Women's Circle
Food Bank
Julie Robinson
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