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SNOW / WORSHIP UPDATE (2/1/15): 9 am YES, 11 am NO

Hello, St. John friends and members! While our entire northern Indiana region is under a National Weather Service winter storm warning, our local travel status is still at advisory status. This is based on the IN Dept of Homeland Security travel status website (link below), which indicates travel status by county. As of right now, there are NO counties with either a red (aka Level 3) or even an orange (aka Level 2) status. Allen itself is one of 11 counties in Indiana with a yellow (aka Level 1) status, meaning routine travel may be restricted and individuals should use caution . . . currently snow accumulation appears to be under 3 inches, with accumulation the past hour at less than 1/4 an inch . . .

Based on all of that ‘accumulated’ info, St. John is HOLDING its 9 am service today. At the same time, based on anticipated additional snowfall (it’s not gonna stop, people!), St. John is CANCELING its 11 am service. So all you 11am’ers, please come early or don’t come at all!

And all of you, please make your own decision regarding those roads–a source tells me they’re slick under that snow. If they don’t look safe enough for your liking, please don’t risk it. Worship God at home instead this morning, and pray for the safety of all those out on the roads and/or caught in the snowy weather.

Please spread the word to others who may not have email or internet access, thanks!