We are looking for a drummer to spice up our 11:00 a.m. service over the coming months. Interested in learning more? Got any leads? Contact Pastor Paul (426-5751, x101), Jay Heare, or Heather Offhaus for more details, or to share any leads. Thanks!

  1. Good morning Pastor Paul,

    I am a drummer! I have played all over Fort Wayne IN – Pathway, Praise Lutheran, Emmanuel Lutheran, and Aboite just to name a few. I am looking for a recurring drummer role in a church band. Please let me know the details and expectations. I would love to chat!



  2. Andrew, thank you for your interest in drumming! I apologize for the tardy response — Lent and Holy Week have a way of creating a lengthy backlog.

    One question for you: are you hoping for a paid gig or are you interested in playing regardless of compensation?

    Let me know your thoughts on that and then perhaps we will talk, depending on your hopes. (Full disclosure: we are not able to offer a paid gig.)

    God’s Grace and Peace to you and yours,
    Pastor Paul

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