Where application is everything . . .

There are various apps available for download with categories ranging from weather and traffic to addicting games and social networking tools. But which of those that you download do you actually use? When it comes to living as followers of Jesus, the Bible gives us many applications to live by . . . but how many of them are we actually applying in our lives?  This 6-week series identifies five “life apps” and helps us to actually apply them in our everyday lives.

Part 1: Application is Everything (July 21)

What good is hearing if you aren’t doing? God’s standards for our lives aren’t for judging others, but for applying to our own behavior. In this message, Pastor Paul explains that application is everything.

Part 2: The Forgiveness App (July 28)

Does forgiving someone mean he or she gets away with it? If not, why does it feel so good to hold a grudge? In this message, we consider how Jesus’ death on the cross teaches us to “release the grip of our grudges.”

Part 3: The Confession App (August 4)

At some point in time, confession became a private practice used to relieve your conscience. But that’s not the way confession is presented in the Bible. In this message, we’ll learn about the biblical view of confession and be challenged to confess to others – not just to God.

Part 4: The Rest App (August 11)

Can naps and vacations actually be spiritual disciplines? Communicating the importance of rest was one of the first things God did in the Bible. So why have we neglected – or worse denied – the importance of this principle? In this message, Pastor Paul illustrates the pattern God gives us for the pace of our lives. And it just may begin with a nap!

Part 5: The Trust App (August 18)

When someone lets you down, can you choose to believe the best or are you forced to assume the worst? In this message, we’ll learn that we have the power to choose our reaction – and the response we choose may make all the difference in our relationships. Giving others the benefit of the doubt just may be the new Golden Rule.

Part 6: The Encouragement App (August 25)

Our conversations average six criticisms to every one encouragement. Is reversing this ratio the key to improving our relationships at home, at work, and in our everyday lives? In this message, Pastor Paul explains the power of encouraging others – and what might be in it for you!


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