St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery is located at 2507 Engle Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809.

For more information, please contact the church office by email (sjluth@stjohnluth.com) or phone 260-426-5751 (M-F 8:30-3:30) or 260-385-5244 after hours.

  1. I am looking for the graves of my Great Great & Great Great Great Grandfathers, both having the same first name. Thomas Richardson, I know that brother Art is buried in the current Cemetery, but I’m wondering if you have any information on the previous Cemeteries and who might have been buried in them.

  2. Thank You

  3. William,

    I will look into this and get back to you as soon as possible, might not be till next week or so!

    Parish Secretary
    St John Ev Lutheran Churcj

  4. The History of the Cemetery References 13 “Founding Fathers” but I could not find any information about who they were. Is that information available? Thank you.

  5. Sorry William – we are not finding any information on any Thomas Richardson’s in our current cemetery and he even looked in a few other area cemetery’s either. Good luck with finding the information you are looking for. Also, the downtown library has a wonderful genealogy department that may have information like that too and I believe it is included online also!

  6. Have relatives buried here with surname Schooniver but am specifically looking for any Fuller relatives buried here such as William Fuller. Thank you

  7. Sorry for such the delay but have got a little bit of information from someone on our cemetery board. Here’s what they sent me:
    Leona M. Fuller and Willard T. Fuller are located in New Addition, Subsection 113. The owners of the plot were Fred C. Franke and William Droege.
    Leona M. Fuller 1921-1984
    Willard T. Fuller 1910-1994

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