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  1. I wondered if my grandmother, Ottilie Hensch, was buried at St. John’s. I thought so, but I can’t find her name here. She was born on 12/31/1891 and died in October of 1984.
    I wanted to get her date of marriage, and the date of her husband’s death, also, if you have that record.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Also, was my uncle Arthur Rose buried there? He died about a year ago.
    Susan Rose Keal

  2. I will see what we can find out and let you know!

  3. I would like to know if you have a Frederich Beerman 1801 – april 1 1875
    and also his daughter Wilhelmine Pape death Dec 16, 1872. Thank you, Paulette

  4. I believe you will find he is buried at the Soest Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery I beleive this is a photo of the family tombstone there. I could not locate the grave of his daughter, but I believe I found the grave of her husband Charles Pape Sr at Concordia Lutherna Cemetery, although I am unsure why she would not have been buried with her parents or husband

  5. Thank you for your help, but this is not him, a family member thought his grave was at Soest but it was found to be the grave of a child. The photo that is now on that site is one I posted on my family Beerman tree. That stone belongs to Frederick’s son and Wilhelmeina’s brother Henry Beerman & was taken at Lindenwood Cemetery. It is the closest Beerman stone that we have been able to locate. Charles Pape remarried after Wilhelmina died and had several more children with Caroline. I had hoped that maybe in the old Church records it said where he might be buried. Records indicate that Wilhelmeia may of had her service at Saint Pauls Church in 1872. Are you in the church office where you might look at the records Nov 1872 and April 1875. Thanks again for any help.

  6. I will forward your request to our cemetery records manager in hopes they can shed more light.

  7. I found Frederick Beermans record of death in St. Pauls church records last night. Do you have any idea where families were usually buried in 1875 if their service was held at St. Pauls? Thanks for all your help.

  8. No, I could not find either lady in our records.
    As you may know, our members went to St Paul’s but were non-voting members. So in 1853 they started their own church, St John’s. We had a cemetery since 1865, but could find no records of a Beerman or Pape.
    Good luck

  9. Hi, I am doing family research and I hope you can help me. I know you have a Caroline A Weber (1878-1963) and her husband John G Weber (1860-1950) buried there. I am wondering if you can verify it is the Caroline I am looking for. She would have been born in Wisconsin. Her maiden name was Trester. Her mother’s maiden name was Reinwand. Thanks. Joan Young

  10. Thanks for the inquiry Joan, we have someone looking into it and will get back to you as soon as we can!

    Parish Secretary

  11. Thanks Jamie. If it helps she had a son Erwin and a daughter Georgiana. Thanks again.

  12. Joan,

    After some research our St John Member (who’s last name also is Weber, not sure if any relation or not) Donna has found this out for you:
    “I found Caroline A Weber, born 1878-1963 and John G. born 1860-1950 buried in section 28 but I can’t find out if she was born in Wisconsin or her maiden name.”
    so we are unsure if this is who you are looking for or not as her maiden name wasn’t listed or birthplace. Sorry if this isn’t helpful, but only can go so far with the records we currently have.

    Parish Secretary

  13. Thank you for trying. Didn’t know if they might have been on old church rolls or something. On the 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 Census I can see them living in Fort Wayne in Ward 8. That’s why when I found them on Find A Grave in your cemetery I thought they might be the right one. I don’t belong to ancestry.com. I believe death records for Indiana thru 2011 are on it but as I said I don’t have a membership. Wisconsin where most my family is located are free on Familysearch.org.

  14. I can verify this. The Carolyn A Weber listed here
    is the one I found in this ancestry.com listing

    Carolina Anna Trester
    BIRTH 3 NOV. 1878 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    DEATH 1963 • Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

    Age 0 — Birth
    3 Nov. 1878 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age 1 — Birth of Brother Anton Joseph Trester(1880–1961)
    30 Aug. 1880 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age 2 — Residence
    1880 • Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
    Age: 1; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter
    Age 18 — Death of Brother Nicholaus Anton Trester(1867–1897)
    18 May 1897 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age 22 — Residence
    1900 • Sheboygan Ward 8, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age: 21; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter
    Age 26 — Residence
    1 Jun 1905 • Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter
    Age 29 — Marriage
    9 January 1908 • Holy Name Catholic Church, Sheboygan, WI.
    John George Weber (1860–1950)
    Age 29 — Birth of Son Erwin J. Weber(1908–1973)
    30 Oct. 1908 • Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA
    Age 31 — Birth of Daughter Georgine F. Weber(1910–1999)
    15 Apr. 1910 • Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA
    Age 35 — Death of Brother Casper Mariam Trester(1861–1913)
    24 Dec. 1913 • Sheboygan, WI.
    Age 36 — Death of Mother Magdalena Franciska Reinwand(1836–1915)
    2 Jun. 1915 • Calvary Cem.,Sheboygan, WI.
    Age 42 — Death of Father Carl Joseph Trester(1835–1920)
    22 Dec. 1920 • Calvary Cem.,Sheboygan, WI.
    Age 43 — Death of Brother Henry William Trester(1871–1922)
    13 Jun. 1922 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age 50 — Death of Sister Mary Magdalina Trester(1865–1928)
    20 Dec. 1928 • Evergreen Cem., Milwaukee, WI.
    Age 52 — Residence
    1930 • Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana
    Age: 67; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head
    Age 56 — Death of Brother Charles Nicholaus Trester(1863–1934)
    31 Dec. 1934 • Sheboygan, WI.
    Age 72 — Death of Husband John George Weber(1860–1950)
    1950 • St. John’s Cem., Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Age 76 — Death of Sister Anna Hildagarde Trester(1873–1955)
    16 Jul. 1955 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Age 82 — Death of Brother Anton Joseph Trester(1880–1961)
    7 Sept. 1961 • Brookfield, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
    Age 83 — Death of Sister Margaret “Gretchen” Trester(1875–1962)
    20 Mar. 1962 • Two Rivers, WI.
    Age 83 — Death of Sister Paulina Hubertina Trester(1869–1962)
    9 May 1962 • Holy Cross Cem., Milwaukee, WI.
    Age 85 — Death
    1963 • Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA
    Age at Death: 85
    Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA

  15. Thank you PNEWCOMB! Joan Young

  16. I AM LOOKING FOR JOHN GEORGE MILLER (MUELLER) BIRTH 30 JUN 1812 • Evangelisch, Marnheim, Pfalz, Bavaria

  17. Karen, I have forwarded your inquiry on to our Cemetery board and will hopefully get back to you soon.

    Parish Secretary at St John

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