Meet Pastor Paul

The Last Four Pastors of St. John: John Pannkuk, Fred Meuter, Vern Graham and Paul Offhaus (frame not included)

In 2012, Pastor Paul Offhaus became St. John’s 14th Pastor since 1853. Pastor Paul had previously been Associate Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne since March 2003. Prior to that, Pastor Paul was in Michigan where he served as a mission developer and pastor of Community of Hope Lutheran, Mt. Clemens, MI.

Pastor Paul graduated with honors from St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota) in 1990, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Pastor Paul enrolled at Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Columbus, Ohio) in the fall of 1994 with his internship year was spent at Cross Lutheran (Clinton Township, MI), He graduated in June 1998 from Trinity with a Master of Divinity and was ordained in July.

Pastor Paul and his wife Heather enjoy taking walks, working on home improvement projects, and spending time with their two daughters, Abigail Grace, age 15, and Hannah Faith, age 11.

Pastor Paul developed a personal mission statement, which reads as follows: “The journey of transformation occurs when I ENJOY the life God has given me, LEARNING, LOVING, and RISKING along the way.” He is excited about what the future may hold in terms of working together to both be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  1. I was a member of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church in Indy. I am looking for a new home church. We have been here in Fort Wayne for five years. My desire for a home church and the word is too strong to push off. I am unworthy of His love however He has not stopped blessing me since I moved here and I feel as though I need to get back to His work! I was wondering if you have transportation to and from services and activities for I have no car and my children and I NEED The ELCA Lutheran family. Thank you for your time. I have learned under Pastor Paul Borg and Pastor Jeff Hawkins in North Manchester, IN as well as in INDY. Blessings Dawn Eades

  2. Hi Dawn,
    We welcome you to our church home! Although we have no formal transportation services, we have members on all sides of town, and I feel sure we can find someone who will be glad to assist. I will try calling you this morning.
    Pete Newcomb, a friend in Christ

  3. Paul –

    This is John Conrad and I wanted to send you a Christmas email. Discovered you’ve moved!

    What’s the new email?

    John Conrad

  4. Dear Pastor Paul; I am writing you in request of a donation towards a 3-week mission trip i am taking in May. For a receipt a check can be made out to Liquid Church, 8631 US Hwy 27 S., Ft Wayne, 46816, with Africa Mission Trip in the memo line.
    Two ladies & myself will be going to Iris Global ran by Heidi & Roland Baker to assist however we can with the orphanage, widow ministry & ministry to people in the bush.
    Thank you so much for once again allowing us to use the Broadway House this winter. It has been a safe haven for the men against the weather. They are already looking forward to the famous St. John’s hamburgers on the grill.
    God bless you for all you do.
    Pam Sullivan

  5. Pam, I would be willing to conduct a free will offering during the meal on Wed evening to support you on your mission trip. Would you be able to come some Wed and share for 5 mins about the trip, after which we would announce the offering opportunity?

    Pastor Paul
    348-6357 cell

  6. Thought I would look you up since you married us almost 50 years ago ❤️ How are you doing? Hope to hear from you

  7. Hello Ron and Connie,

    I’ve searched our records and are not finding anyone with your last name that was married here, but I did do just a general 50 years ago time frame and I looked in our record books for 1958 and 1959 years with no luck. There are other St John churches in Fort Wayne and possible we aren’t the St John you were married at, but perhaps if I had the actual date of your marriage I might find it!

    But otherwise, St John is doing pretty good! Not sure if you are still in the Fort Wayne area, but feel free to stop in and see us at one of our Worship Services sometime, you might see a little bit of change in our Sanctuary since the late 50’s early 60’s depending on when you were married.

    Parish Secretary

  8. I received an email from Rev. Paul Offahus supposedly. The email was
    and I wanted to make sure it was a real email and not spam.
    I am from Fort Wayne, went to Bethlehem (still have a sister there) and had aunts and uncles who went to various other Lutheran churches in the area. If my memory is right, my mom was a secretary at St. Johns when I was a toddler. Did my grandmother and uncle, Don Hensch, go to church there? Trying to remember…..

    Susan Keal
    Sarasota, FL

  9. Thanks Susan you are correct in that it is a spam email…he did not send that, and I vaguely remember the name Hensch name.

    thanks for asking before replying!
    Parish Secretary

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