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Daily Bible Reading — a Lifeline amidst the Chaos

For almost a year and a half now, I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible (aka DAB) podcast, also available online, via Facebook and through free iPhone and Android apps.  DAB includes daily readings from the Old and New Testament, plus a daily reading from the Psalms and another from Proverbs.

DAB has proven to be an invaluable resource to help me stay more centered on God’s Word, the Bible, as I seek to follow Jesus as his disciple.  The soothing voice of Brian Hardin, the usual reader, doesn’t hurt either–nor do his thoughtful reflections and prayers after each day’s reading.

Just Google “Daily Audio Bible Brian Hardin” to learn more.  In addition, below is a link to a more extensive review of Passages, a book by Hardin that contains both the Daily Readings as well as some personal reflections for each day:

Tammy Is Blessed: Book Review: Passages by Brian Hardin.

May we all center ourselves daily on God’s Word!

In His Grip, Pastor Paul