Did you ever wonder what gems the 50th Anniversary Book (1903) for the congregation held, but were unable to find out because it is in Old German, and you couldn’t read it?
Thanks to the generosity of Charlotte Laisure, Mike McLaughlin and Donna Weber a friend of Charlotte’s translated the book! For a donation of $10 to the Boiler Fund (debt reduction), the translation is available on a CD. Actually the first 55 donors will be given a CD and a jewel case to put it in, courtesy of Donna Weber (via St Jude Medical). After that, the price will go up to pay for additional CD’s and jewel cases.
The translation has a few minor errors, such as where instead of were, and leaving a couple of names out in the back of the book, but all in all it is a fascinating document!
The pages are exactly as the original book, as well as the pictures and have translations of the pictures also. Please contact Charlotte (747-7356), Mike (672-3351) or Donna (490-9334), if you wish to have your own translation. Thanks!